Motorola Black Friday deals in UK
Motorola kicks off its Black Friday sales in UK Motorola

Motorola has already kicked off its Black Friday sales in the UK. Discounts on select high-end and budget phones are valid until 30 November. You can save as much as 50% on purchases made now.

The company's 2015 flagship, the Moto X Style is now available for £219, at a £60 discount. The second generation Moto X, which was earlier priced at £395, is now available for £199.99. Motorola has even slashed the price of the Nexus 6, which can be purchased for only £250, as opposed to its earlier retail rate of £479 for the 32GB storage option. The 64GB variant is on sale at £310, which is £239 less than the previous retrial rate.

The second generation Moto E that was released in February is now up at Motorola Stores in the UK for £69.99 from the earlier price of £109. But only a few units of Moto E are on sale. Head over to the Motorola UK site to choose your favourite deal.