Blackberry has released the operating system version simulator for the developers.

Developers can now download BlackBerry OS simulator on their BlackBerry 10 devices directly from the BlackBerry developer site. But you need some VMware tools if you wish to run the latest simulator, reports CrackBerry.

As the BlackBerry developer site notes, you can download the BlackBerry 10 device simulator for a particular OS version if you want to test the app for that BlackBerry 10 OS version. To ensure your apps are tested on the correct OS, download the simulator version that has a build number matching the BlackBerry 10 OS version number. To check the version number head over to Settings>> About>> OS on your BlackBerry 10 device.

The following are the download links for BlackBerry OS simulator. Hit the download link depending on the OS version your PC is running.

BlackBerry Windows

BlackBerry Mac OS X

BlackBerry Linux

Here is the changelog for BlackBerry OS simulator shared by a member at the CrackBerry forum.


  • Dark Hub-No
  • Light / dark keyboard options-Yes
  • Are notification volumes fixed? - Yes, the volume issues have been resolved
  • Performance changes- This version is more stable
  • Camera focus - Camera focus is fixed in this build. Pictures are taken very fast
  • Battery - Battery has been stable