Spring cleaning for BlackBerry Priv
Type by swiping now available for BlackBerry Priv on BlackBerry keyboard BlackBerry

One of the major changes the Android marshmallow update brought for the BlackBerry Priv is enhanced BlackBerry keyboard. The company has updated Priv's keyboard to offer better predictive typing, accuracy and control by adding some new features, one among which is the new keyboard gestures.

The new swipe capability lets you freely move your fingers across the keys to enter words both on virtual as well as physical keyboard. To put in simple words, when you type, you don't have to lift your finger and press individual keys, you can just slide your finger between keys to form words. Even between words, you can slide your fingers to the spacebar or lift your finger. Check out the following steps to turn on Type by swiping on your BlackBerry keyboard.

How to enable Type by swiping

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen
  • Tap Settings>> Language and Input>> BlackBerry Keyboard settings>> Type by swiping
  • Turn on the Touch screen keyboard or the Physical keyboard switch

This feature is not turned on automatically. When it is enabled, other keyboard gestures such as swipe for symbols or swipe to delete are turned off, as the keyboard gestures and movements being made while you swipe to create words are very similar.

But this arrangement will not be forever. BlackBerry is looking into ways to distinguish between different gestures, while giving you the freedom to use both without any hassle. The future updates should bring the resolution but it is unclear as to when the update will become available.

You are not completely out of luck if you are still running the older Lollipop firmware. All you need to do is update the BlackBerry keyboard through Google Play.