Troubleshoot issues with BlackBerry Priv
How to reload operating system on BlackBerry Priv BlackBerry

For certain reason if your BlackBerry Priv has stopped responding or even after resetting it does not help much, the only way you could bring back your device is by reloading operating system. But it is important to note that reloading OS would wipe out memory of the device completely, therefore it is recommended to create a back up of the data.


  • Click here to install USB drivers for the Priv.
  • Download autoloader zip file for Priv from here.
  • Once you are ready, press and hold Power and Volume Down buttons together for about 30 seconds to boot the phone into fastboot mode.
  • Alternatively press and hold Volume Down to turn on the Priv and selct Reboot into Fastboot (In fastboot mode, the Priv will display BlackBerry Bootloader menu and a purple LED)
  • Follow the guide depending on the OS of your system to reload OS on the Priv.

For Windows

  • Open and extract the downloaded autoloader file
  • Open the extracted folder
  • Execute the flashall.bat
  • Now follow on screen instructions

For Mac OS X

  • Open and extract the autoloader file. Note that the location of the downloaded autoloader file, for example Documents, Downloads, Desktop.
  • Rename extracted folder to Priv
  • Go to Finder>> Application>> Utilities>> Terminal to open Terminal
  • Type cd /PRIV
  • Type ./ and press Enter
  • Follow on screen instructions

Head over to BlackBerry official site to know more about reloading OS.