BlackBerry Priv
BlackBerry's Priv gets a camera and keyboard performance boost thanks to its Android software update BlackBerry

BlackBerry has released an update to a handful of essential apps on its latest smartphone, the Priv, which will see owners benefit from improvements on its camera, keyboard and launcher.

The Android-running smartphone, which has been described as the last roll of the dice for BlackBerry in the hardware game is to see a bunch of tweaks to its preloaded apps and functions with the most noticeable coming to the camera, which will now be able to shoot slow-motion video.

Slow-motion camera update

Happy snappers who update can record footage at 120fps and played back at 30fps – that's four times slower than its normal speed. Sadly, it won't be able to record audio at the same time but there are also some stability improvements for use in normal mode as well as, wait for it, improved selfie stick compatibility.

Smarter keyboard

The Priv is one of the few smartphones on the market to feature a physical keypad, which is accessed by sliding up the front panel. This interesting feature along with its touchscreen keyboard is also getting an upgrade thanks to smarter predictive typing and more intuitive accuracy.

The Priv's updated prediction engine will scan previously sent email and text messages with more intuition to understand how you use words and sentences and automatically generate the ending for you. Those who update to the latest software should notice smarter integration of contacts and pre-populated sentences.

More organised apps

Finally, the Launcher app which organises your apps has been given a new layout that allows users to categorise apps by "recent, personal and work". It's easier than ever to clean-up and remove unwanted apps from the Priv's homescreen with the update allowing users to "flick" them away off the screen.

To update your BlackBerry Priv all you have to do is visit the Google Play Store and search for the individual apps, although for UK users the Launcher app is not yet available in the country.