Overwatch Ana
Blizzard has unveiled its first post-launch free DLC character, support sniper and Pharah's mother Ana Amari. Blizzard Entertainment

After months of hectic speculation, hints and rumours, Blizzard Entertainment has finally revealed the newest addition to its colourful roster of heroes - support-sniper and long-distance healer Ana Amari. Described as a "battle-scarred veteran who supports her teammates from a distance using a unique and highly specialised collection of weapons", Ana will be the multiplayer first-person shooter's first free post-launch DLC character.

Designed to support and protect her allies from a safe distance, Ana's arsenal includes a Biotic rifle, which was teased in a tweet last week, that can fire long-range darts to heal her team members as well as deal "ongoing damage" to enemies.

Similar to her rifle, tossing Ana's Biotic grenade can heal allies and damage foes caught within the blast range. It can also temporarily boost any incoming healing for teammates and prevent enemies from being healing for some time as well.

She is also equipped with a sidearm that fires Sleep Darts to take out enemies momentarily, giving her and her allies enough time to escape.

Ana's Ultimate ability, Nano Boost, is designed to help out a fellow teammate where shooting a dart at an ally can boost their speed, give them increased damage and bolster their resistance to attacks from enemies.

Blizzard also released a video showing off the much-needed healer's skills in action.

In keeping with their signature rich lore and character backstories, Blizzard also released an origin video for the new Overwatch character that explores her relationship with various fellow Overwatch heroes. Besides being one of Overwatch's founding members, Ana is the mother of another character, aggressive rocket launcher Fareeha "Pharah" Amari.

As per the trailer, Ana was long believed to be dead after French assassin and rival sniper Widowmaker attacked her, resulting in the loss of her right eye.

"The world believed that I was dead. I thought perhaps that was for the best," Ana says in the trailer, reading out a letter to her daughter. "I've lost so much in my life. I've said goodbye to so many friends. I've buried the ones closest to me. But for all that I have lost, I know that there are still people who need to be protected."

"So I cannot stop fighting; not yet. Not while there are people still waiting for me. One day, I hope you'll understand. Your mother, Ana."

Last week, the developer hinted that Ana has close ties with Jack "Soldier: 76" Morrison and Gabriel "Reaper" Reyes.

Although most Overwatch fans did speculate that the game's mysterious first post-launch character would be a support sniper called Sombra, she could be a code name for Ana or a completely new upcoming character altogether.

Ana was announced together with an upcoming patch that will include balance changes for several characters including Zenyatta, D.Va and Mercy. Overwatch's Competitive Play will soon allow only one of each hero per team as well.

The new character is currently available on the Overwatch Public Testing servers for eager Overwatch fans to try out.

Blizzard has not yet announced a release date for the character, but says she is coming soon.