Overwatch's Reaper character has dual-wielded shotguns Blizzard

Quelle surprise, Blizzard's first person shooter is coming to Xbox One and PS4 in 2016. A console release for the games has been rumoured for some time, particularly in the last week as we approach Blizzcon 2015, which starts today (6 November).

The reveal comes courtesy of the image above, which was spotted briefly on Battle.net before being hastily taken down. The announcement is expected to be made later today. It advertises the Origins Edition of the game, which according to a listing on Game for the PC version includes 21 characters, five skins and content related to other Blizzard games (via Overpwn).

Pricing for the game has yet to be revealed, as it could yet be free-to-play, a full-price game or somewhere in between. We would wager it will be one of the latter two. Overwatch is a multiplayer shooter starring an array of characters, each with their own very different sets of skills and abilities. This variety, Blizzard hopes, will help the game stand apart in a crowded shooter market.

A closed beta test is ongoing and further announcements are expected over the weekend as Blizzcon gets under way in California. Take Two, who will publish the game, revealed in its financial report earlier this week that the game had been delayed from its February release until 3 May 2016.

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