Bobbi Kristina Brown is reportedly still fighting for her life. Her latest medical condition is yet to be revealed by her family and the hospital administration.

However, several questions have been raised regarding her relationship with her husband Nick Gordon after she was found unconscious in her bath tub head down.

The last update about the 21-year-old's health was that she reportedly 'opened and closed' her eyes for a few minutes, but never really fully woke up.

Bobby Brown, Kristina's father, meanwhile, has requested for privacy as the family deals with the situation.

Even as investigation into the event is on, new and shocking revelations are emerging. According to a new report, Brown's lawyer released a shocking statement on 3 February which says that Nick and Bobbi were never legally married.

Houston's daughter has always remained vocal about her 'great' husband and regularly shared their PDA moments on her social networking accounts.

"We are currently investigating the events that led to the hospitalization of Bobbi Kristina. To correct earlier reports, Bobbi Kristina is not and has never been married to Nick Gordon," Christopher Brown, the family lawyer of the Browns told the US Weekly.

While many suspect that Bobbi must have been going through a phase with her mother's death anniversary nearing, others have raised eyebrows about her relationship with Nick, especially after Gordon and a friend discovered her unconscious in the bathtub.

According to a new report, after a thorough search, police have found drugs at Bobbi Kristina's home in Atlanta, although an initial police search yielded "no drugs out in the open." Police are still investigating the incident.

"We don't leave any stone unturned," Lisa Holland, a spokeswoman for the police department, told US Weekly.

"So the police took a search warrant on the home. Before the warrant, initially when the police went into the home there was nothing there that indicated that anything out of the ordinary happened. There [were] no drugs out in the open."

Bobbi Kristina's mother Whitney Houston was found dead in a similar situation on 11 February 2012. Drowning was declared as the cause of her death but drug overdose and heart disease were mentioned as the contributing factors.