A Virginia woman has designed and patented a special protection bra that can hold a knife and pepper spray. The inspiration for the "Booby Trap Bra" came after the woman was attacked by a man while she was out running.

Jennifer Cutrona was assaulted by a man who jumped at her while she was training for a marathon in April 2015 in a wooded trail near her Texas home. The incident led her to sew a sheath for a knife within her sports bra in a bid to protect her from any future attacks.

"It had to happen for me to move forward," said Cutrona. "I was excited that I got away, but I know a lot of women aren't that lucky." Cutrona survived the attack and was able to get back to her children.

Cutrona's protection bra comes in two designs: a "Just in Case Knife Bra" that can hold a blade which needs to be purchased separately, and a "Just in Case Pepper Spray Bra", which comes with a blue dye added to it. The dye is aimed at helping police identify a suspect.

In 2015, sportswear designer Chromat showcased a sports bra and dress with a built-in Intel computer chip that alters its shape and function to respond to the wearer. The Aeros sports bra is said to morph shape to give the wearer the perfect fit, and the bra comes equipped with temperature sensors that automatically open vents to stabilise rises in body temperature and perspiration.