A protest against an increase in public transportation fares in Brazil's largest city turned violent on 8 January as demonstrators broke bus windows and torched objects to block traffic. Police fired tear gas and hit protesters with batons to disperse the crowd of approximately 2,000 people in business capital Sao Paulo.

According to Globo's news website, at least 10 people were arrested and two police officers suffered head injuries from objects thrown by demonstrators. The march through the city's downtown district remained peaceful for nearly two hours but turned violent when a group of hooded protesters set fire to rubbish bins to block traffic.

Protesters also forced passengers out of a bus before breaking its windows and attempting to set fire to the vehicle. The march was organised by the Free Fare Movement, an activist group demanding free public transportation in the face of an increase in fares from 3.50 reais to 3.80 reais (59p to 65p, $0.86 to $0.94) in January. The activist group was also responsible for leading a series of violent protests in 2014, when bus fares were also increased.