Britney Spears
Britney Spears, here at the premiere of 'Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood' in July 2019, announced she has written a new song called "Hate You To Like Me:" Photo: AFP / VALERIE MACON AFP / VALERIE MACON

Britney Spears hinted that she is writing music again and suggested the title of the track, which had netizens pointing out its similarity with one of Selena Gomez's songs.

The pop star shared a screenshot of her face taken from one of her music videos on Instagram to announce that she "wrote a new song". She said it is called "Hate You To Like Me" and clarified that she has no ill intention with the choice of title.

She explained: "No beef with anyone ... just being a narcissist in a claimed, self-entitled way!!! It's to accumulate interest by giving ego with my eyes closed because I hear important people do that these days."

However, fans were quick to point out the similarity between the supposed new song's title to that of Gomez's hit breakup track "Lose You To Love Me". One user asked on X: "Is she shading Selena again? Lose you to love me/hate you to like me?"

Another wrote: "Britney Spears can't enjoy her memoir and all the praise she's getting... she just had to find a way to insult Selena somehow."

Spears was previously accused of throwing shade at Gomez in October 2022 over the latter's 2016 speech in which she told young girls that she does not want to see their bodies on Instagram.

The 41-year-old pop star referenced Gomez's "Ice Cream" music video with Blackpink and wrote at the time: "They say 'This is NOT something I would do' yet those women are the very ones who get 4 million dollar budget videos made about sucking and licking on homemade ice cream !!!!"

She continued: "So the next time I see someone with a big budget video sucking on lollipops yet giving righteous speeches shaming other women for exposing their bodies, I would like to tell those people don't be a hypocrite as you suck on your lollipop having HUGE budget dreams..."

Spears then shared a lengthy post explaining her stance on "women judging other women for their own rights in expressing themselves".

Regardless, there were also others who defended Spears saying she did not shade Gomez just because of a similar track. One explained: "Just bec Britney Spears posted a lyrics kinda mimicking Selena Gomez song does not mean its a shade for her. I believe she is using Sel's song title as an inspiration to shade someone." It is also worth mentioning that Gomez was among the guests at Spears' wedding to Sam Asghari in 2022.