green friday
A customer buys a marijuana joint at a dispensary in Eugene, Oregon Getty

Cannabis dispensaries in the US are to join retailers across the country by offering Black Friday deals for their products, as the drug is set to receive mainstream acceptance following several more states voting to legalise it.

Several shops in California, one of four states that voted to legalise recreational use of cannabis in November, have been promoting their deals ahead of Black Friday – the day of discount deals that began in the US every 25 November but has started take hold in Europe and beyond.

According to a report in Bloomberg, sales of cannabis the day after 2015 Thanksgiving – known as Green Friday – were up 13% from the average Friday, according to a review of Washington dispensary sales data

Adam Bierman, co-founder of MedMen, a cannabis management consulting firm, said: "In states where adult use is fully legal, like Colorado and Oregon, cannabis promotions around Black Friday have been common, and we expect we'll see more of that happening as prohibition eases across the country."

"This is the first time we've marketed for Black Friday in such a big fashion," Amber Senter, chief operations officer at Oakland cannabis dispensary Magnolia told The Cannifornian. "With legalisation it's definitely time for us to coordinate with the regular retail seasons and holidays."

Among some of the deals at Magnolia is a $100 (£80) per ounce special, four grams of select concentrates for $60, and a Black Friday box deal. Cannabis Buyers Club Berkeley is also offering 10% off their THC Punkin Pie.

Andre Leonard, Marketing Manager for Leafbuyer said: "Cannabis consumers are just like other Black Friday shoppers. They are seeking exceptional deals, especially after a stressful day of chasing deals throughout malls. This is a way for cannabis retailers to give back to their customers. Just like every retailer, they're helping consumers out with their holiday shopping by offering very special deals and discounts."