Cara Delevingne
Actor Cara Delevingne at CinemaCon 2017 Getty

Supermodel Cara Delevingne showcased her edgy personality and channeled Jane Fonda's iconic vixen look as Barbarella for a steamy GQ photoshoot. Donning futuristic outfits, the fashion-forward star not only flaunted a risqué style, but also her svelte figure and a sleek icy-silver hair-do.

In her flourishing career as a model, the latest pictures as a space age diva are perhaps Delevingne's sexiest stint. In one of the images she is seen smoldering into the lenses with her kohl-rimmed eyes and a see-through top featuring futuristic patterns.

As Delevingne covers her modesty with just her hands, it's safe to say that the racy click leaves little to imagination. Complementing the space-shuttle look is the 24-year-old's brand new hairstyle – a cropped silver bob – that marks a significant change from her bald-metallic head style earlier at the Met Gala.

Taking edgy to the next level, the English model went "butt naked" in the next image that has her striking a risqué pose on all fours. Decked once again in futuristic attire, Delevingne's other accessory in the picture happens to be a pair of metallic-red thigh-high boots.

The cover girl slips into a more somber metallic suit for the cover photo – a glimpse of which she even shared with her fans on Instagram.

Delevingne, who has established herself as a runway queen and an aspiring actress opened up about her insecurities to British GQ.

She said (as quoted by the magazine on Instagram), "Inside, I have so many fears. I work in an industry where I care what other people think and I'm nervous all the time. If I don't admit that it's going on, it comes out in my skin... You pretend it doesn't exist, that's when it comes out, whether it's heartbreak or something at work.

The model-turned-actress, who is never afraid to flaunt her flawless curves on red carpets and magazine covers, doesn't shy away from discussing her sexuality as well.

"Once I spoke about my sexual fluidity, people were like, 'So you're gay.' And I'm like, 'No, I'm not gay,'" she told Glamour magazine.

The model was most recently involved with songstress St Vincent.