A gang of thieves who orchestrated a jewellery heist in Malaysia are believed to have left empty handed after being confronted by near-unbreakable glass cabinets.

CCTV footage of the break-in at Kedai Emas Sri Alam jewellery, in Shah Alam, showed the suspects desperately try to reach a haul of precious gold necklaces, rings and bracelets.

Wearing motorcycle helmets to hide their faces, the gang of four are seen trying to smash open the glass cabinets with large hammers.

But the strength of the reinforced glass meant none of the thieves could break a hole large enough to access the valuable items.

While nothing appeared to have been stolen following the attempted raid on Monday (24 July), a significant amount of damage was done by the culprits.

Pictures posted on Facebook by the store's owners the next day show all the jewellery still in the cabinets – but pieces of glass littered around the shop.

The store said it will have to close for two weeks while repairs are being done to the cabinets. Police were also seen investigating the scene. It is not known if there have been any arrests.