Celebrity Big Brother viewers are calling on show bosses to evict Farrah Abraham after she threatened to kill her fellow housemates, following an argument with former Atomic Kitten Natasha Hamilton over food.

The pair came to blows after the US contestants were responsible for ordering the shopping list following their win of the hot dog challenge task. Later on in last night's episode (7 September), house 'president' Fatman Scoop told the other occupants of the house that they would have to ration this week's supply as they were running low, which set Abraham and Hamilton off on rants about the unfair way the food was being divided up.

The spat escalated quickly, resulting in Scoop intervening. This did not go down well with Hamilton, who accused the Be Faithful musician of being aggressive and condescending towards her and suggesting that not even her father would speak to her like that. An observation to which Abraham responded: "Do you know what, when you get upset about bringing up our families, you bring up your dad on the way out? I'm not about negativity in the house any more."

Hamilton replied: "Watch how you talk to people because it's very negative." Abraham stuck her middle finger up in response and spouted: "Shame on you and how you act. Do me a favour and go and fix yourself. Shame on you and everything you say. You want me to talk some s**t? Then you better start saying 'I'm sorry for talking about my dad'". Hamilton ended up having the last word after Big Brother called Abraham into the diary room to cool off, calling the former Teen Mom star a "dickhead."

But the real drama started when Abraham was alone in the diary room, when she ranted: "I'm not even f*****g wasting my energy to sit back up and down. You can fix my flip-flop which I broke up coming in here."

When Big Brother explained to her that they asked her to come in so that she could recollect herself, she shouted: "What, because I was going to f****g obliterate the scum of this house? I am straight up going to kill everyone in this house. I'm sick of this negative b******t when they're the scum of the earth. Don't f*****g p**s me off."

Following her threats made towards her fellow housemates, many viewers flocked to social media to urge those in charge of the show to evict her due to her continuous "insulting actions". One Twitter user described Abraham as a "vile excuse for a woman", whereas another wrote that they thought she was "pure evil".

Many fans also shared that they thought that the voting system when it comes to evictions are unfair as Channel 5 currently have them set to "vote to save" rather than "vote to evict". Watchers wrote that they believed if the format changed then audiences would get a fairer say in getting the disliked characters out of the house.