Charles Bronson donned his trademark dark glasses in court as he was jailed for two years for a violent attack behind bars.

Bronson, who has changed his name via deed poll to Charles Salvador, had the sentence added on to his life tariff, after being convicted of attacking a prison governor in a row over post.

Salvador thought staff at HMP Woodhill were withholding from him "enormous amounts" of mail, including some of his artwork.

Appearing at Amersham Crown Court and surrounded in the dock by six guards, Salvador admitted the attack, saying: "Guilty, but I don't want to."

He left the governor with bruising to his torso, arms and legs after leaping across a table to seize him by the neck in scenes captured on CCTV.

Regret over violence

Salvador also revealed his mental state to the court, and spoke without remorse about his litany of violent offences against prison staff.

He said: "I've had 11 hostages, seven of them were prison officers and they'll never forget it.

"A lot of prison officers are now top bods – over the years I might have thrown a pot of **** over them, chinned them, taken them hostages and how I see it it's just get back time."

Hinting at why he changed his name, he said: "I've been locked up for 40 years, 37 of them in solitary confinement and I'm sick of it. I'm burying Bronson once and for all".

Salvador is already serving a life sentence for taking a prison art teacher hostage in 1999. He has filed an appeal against the sentence.