Cheryl Cole
Cheryl Cole Reuters

Cheryl Cole is reportedly set to share all the secrets of her failed marriage to ex-husband Ashley Cole after accepting a six-figure sum for a 'tell-all' book.

The 28-year-old star may have chosen to keep a low profile in recent months following her sensational axing from the X Factor US last summer but now she is to return to the spotlight in full force by disclosing intimate details of her private life in a new book.

According to Now magazine, Cheryl has been offered the lucrative book deal, which will see the truth behind her very public split with love rat ex-husband, her terrifying malaria ordeal, being sacked from the US X Factor and all the men she has been linked with published in a new autobiography.

A friend close to the Fight For This Love hitmaker told the magazine: "She's been offered a book deal to spill the beans on all the areas of her life that have been under scrutiny for so many years.

"There's a lot that's gone on that she's never fully addressed.

"She's yet to sign but it would give her a chance to put her side of the story across, which could be tempting," the source added.