A video has emerged online of a young girl singing a song about the Islamic State (Isis) while appearing to behead a toy doll. The child is wearing a black niqab and is shown brandishing a large knife in front of the camera as she sings.

The video was picked up by the Middle East Media Research Institute after being posted by a Isis (Daesh) sympathiser on a German Telegram channel. The child is heard singing while holding a knife to the camera.

The little girl can be seen shouting at the camera: "We marched through the night to cut and behead", before threatening non-Muslims and slicing the head from the toy doll which she leaves decapitated on the floor. She then said: "my sword has been sharpened and I will destroy you".

IBTimes UK cannot independently verify the exact origin of the video and where it was filmed.

Children are often used by extremists in propaganda campaigns, in order to attract disaffected Muslims living around the globe. In February this year, footage emerged online of an 11-year-old child kissing his father goodbye before embarking on an IS suicide mission. The boy, said to have been a Syrian national named Abu Imara al-Omri, sought a final blessing from his father before blowing himself up in a truck packed with explosives.

isis toy doll child
The child is seen chopping of a toy doll's head in the video published to Telegram Memri TV / Telegram

In May, an IS propaganda video boasted of a new army made up of children who were orphaned when their parents were killed in anti-terrorist attacks in Syria. The footage showcased groups of boys, some as young as 10 years, in camouflage wear, carrying rifles and being trained for battle whilst threatening western leaders.

Then later that month IS released two videos featuring a child assassin, the son of a French jihadi and a regiment of child assassins. One video featured two boys executing two prisoners with hand guns whilst another showed children from Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines holding fire high-powered Kalashnikov rifles and handguns.