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The alleged head of an infamous Mexican hit squad has become an internet sensation thanks to her looks and risqué social media selfies.

According to the Mexican press, Claudia Ochoa Felix is the leader of 'Los Antrax', a violent gang named after the deadly disease and affiliated to the powerful Sinaloa drug cartel.

The group is believed to be responsible for numerous murders and criminal acts, but the allegation doesn't seem to bother the voluptuous 27-year-old too much.

Instead of flying low, out of police's radar, Felix regularly floods her followers with pictures in which she shows off her lavish lifestyle and passion for firearms.

Nicknamed The Empress of Anthrax, or Mexico's Kim Kardashian by her fans, in her posts she alternates classing 'duck face' selfies to shots in which she can be seen posing with an AK-47 or holding a golden automatic rifle while wearing an evening dress.

In other pictures sent out to her more than 88,000 Twitter followers, Felix is depicted driving sport cars, taking a swim or shopping in luxury stores.

The mother of three was reportedly married to a Sinaloa drug trafficker known as 'El Chavo'.

Mexican newspapers say she took over the reins of Los Antrax after the gang leader, Jose Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa, otherwise known as El Chino Antrax, was arrested in Amsterdam in January.

The Excelsior newspaper claimed Felix escaped a murder attempt in May, when hitmen kidnapped and killed El Chino Antrax's girlfriend, Yuriana Castillo Torres, mistaking the 23-year-old for her.

After the story was published Felix denied having any connection to any criminal organisation in a tweet, saying she was the victim of press sensationalism and describing claims about her as 'cowardly lies and slander'.