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Rob Donovan makes a comeback to the cobbles where he lands his ex Tracy Barlow in trouble with the police ITV

Coronation Street is to take a dramatic turn as Rob Donovan is set to return to the cobbles as actor Marc Baylis was recently spotted filming on the ITV soap's set.

The murderer of Michelle Keegan's character Tina McIntyre is set to land his ex, Tracy Barlow, and her daughter, Amy, in a spot of bother too.

An upcoming dramatic scene sees Tracy get arrested after being holed up in a building with villainous Rob. She is handcuffed by police as she is dragged out of the remote farmhouse, and Rob will try to flee the scene which is surrounded by armed police.

After the shocking farewell to Tina in 2014, it was Tracy who called the police after realising it was her boyfriend who killed Keegan's feisty character. Though he was sentenced to 25 years behind bars, it looks as though Rob has escaped his prison fate.

Though the reason for Tracy's upcoming arrest has not been revealed, it could be due to helping her ex escape jail, though it seems rather unlikely as she's the one who put him there.

Elsewhere in the soap, Sinead Tinker will suffer a devastating miscarriage. She is set to tell her boyfriend, Daniel Osbourne, that she's lost the baby after having a vicious row with his father, Ken Barlow.

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Ken Barlow puts pressure on Sinead to break up with Daniel ITV

After discovering she is pregnant, Ken is furious and begs her to end her relationship with Daniel so that he can fulfil his potential and attend Oxford university. Whether the stress of the row caused Sinead to have the miscarriage or she has lied to Daniel about the miscarriage so he can continue his education remains to be seen.

After Daniel's hard work earned him a spot on his dream masters course at Oxford, Ken was delighted before his son began having second thoughts, leading him to having a meltdown.

Coronation Street continues tomorrow (15 March) at 7.30pm.