Authorities in London are hunting a daredevil who was filmed jumping across a tube track in London just inches in front of an oncoming train. The scene appears to take place on the Central line at Stratford station.

The video was uploaded to Instagram last month but has only just begun to go viral and has racked up more than 22,000 views.

The scene opens with an underground train moving along the near-deserted platform at night. Then, from off-screen left, a figure suddenly emerges at speed.

He launches himself over the width of the track and lands on the opposite platform.

The move is timed to perfection with the oncoming train missing him by inches.

Train chiefs blasted his action as reckless and said they were determined to bring him to justice.

Steve Burton, TfL's director of enforcement, said: "This behaviour is extremely reckless and will not be tolerated.

"The actions of this individual not only pose a risk to his personal safety but also the safety of the driver and passengers. We are working with British Transport Police to ensure appropriate action is taken."

Instagram users were quick to criticise the young man's performance.

One wrote: "Did your mother carry you for 9 months for you to risk your life jumping in front of moving trains for likes."

Another added: "What an idiot!" and a third said: "Do u want to die? this video makes me mad."

In July, a daredevil vlogger scaled the Shard building in London without any safety equipment in a hair-raising video posted to YouTube. CassOnline filmed himself leaping over a barricade to "rooftop" London's tallest building.