A daredevil vlogger has scaled The Shard without any safety equipment in a hair-raising video posted to YouTube.

CassOnline filmed himself leaping over a barricade to "rooftop" London's tallest building.

The clip shows the thrill-seeker planning his stunt on the observation deck of the building, waiting around two hours until closing time.

"It's 20 minutes before it closes, I've found my point of entry, got my GoPro in the bag, I'm ready to do this — let's go," he says.

In the YouTube caption, he wrote: "As promised during the video of me climbing Tower Bridge, climbing the Shard (London's tallest building) was next on my hit list, and it was a phenomenal mission.

"Hope you enjoy the edit & please check out the artists responsible for the musical score in this video as they help the video really come together!"

This is not the first time CassOnline has posted terrifying footage of himself climbing buildings in the UK capital.

In January, he filmed himself climbing the 200ft Tower Bridge in a bid to win more social media followers. Traffic came to a standstill as crowds watched him scale the monument.