The daughter of a British playboy baron who allegedly dealt drugs to celebrities has been shot and killed in the Philippines.

Aurora Moynihan, the daughter of the 3rd Baron Moynihan, was found lying by the side of a road with multiple gunshot wounds in Quezon City, near Manila, in the early hours of last Saturday (10 September).

Propped against her bullet-ridden body was a cardboard sign that read, "Pusher to the celebrities, you are next."

The killing follows accusations that Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte ordered death squads to assassinate drug dealers and criminals while he was the Mayor of Davao city. Since taking up the presidency in June, 3,000 people have been killed in his drug war.

Moynihan, 45, was found with four bags of shabu, a street name for methamphetamine, and "other drug paraphernalia", according to authorities reported the Sunday Times.

Police released CCTV showing Moynihan getting out of a Toyota SUV, before being shot multiple times. Nearby residents reported that she was shot five times.

Following Moynihan's death, her sister Maritoni Fernandez – who is a national celebrity in the Philippines – released a statement to pay tribute.

She said: "We as a family have one priority... and that is to protect her children from further pain and suffering so that they, and we as a family, may take this time to grieve, mourn, but most of all celebrate the life of this exceptional human being."

Aurora Moynihan (R) with her sister Maritoni Fernandez who paid tribute to her in a written statement

Duterte has encouraged police to carry out extrajudicial killings on drug dealers with impunity, resulting in 1,466 deaths. Another 1,490 deaths were caused by suspected vigilantes.

International criticism has mounted over Duterte's bloody drug war, with groups such as Human Rights Watch calling for a UN investigation. However, he has remained steadfast in his push to tackle the country's addiction to amphetamines.

Speaking before troops in Isabela province on Saturday (17 September), Duterte told police officers and the military to carry on as they were, saying he would "protect" them.

"I will protect you. I will not allow one policeman or one military to go to jail," he said according to ABS CBN.

"Tell them you are taking orders from Mayor Duterte. Just do what is the mandate of the Constitution and I will take care of you."