David Bowie
Details of David Bowie's will are out Getty

David Bowie wished to be cremated in Bali, Indonesia, "in accordance with Buddhist rituals", according to the music icon's will, which has been revealed. The former singer had requested that if cremation in Bali was not practically possible then at least his ashes should be scattered there.

Bowie, who died on 10 January aged 69 after a long battle with liver cancer, was secretly cremated in New Jersey two days later. No family or friends attended the cremation as per the singer's wishes for his last rites to be performed "without any fuss".

It is not yet clear where his ashes have been scattered though a report earlier said that the ashes would be scattered at his private retreat on Little Tonshi Mountain near Woodstock in the Catskill Mountains area of upstate New York.

"After decades of frenetic city living, David finally found peace in the mountains and that's where I am sure some of his remains will go. David was very private in life and intended to remain so in death," a friend of the singer told The Sun.

Bowie has also left a $100m (£70m) fortune to his wife and two children in his will which he signed in 2004 under his legal name, David Robert Jones. According to the will filed in a New York court, Bowie's second wife Iman, 60, gets 50% of the singer's total estate, including the home they shared in New York and all his other real properties around the world.

The remaining half is divided between his son Duncan Jones from his first marriage and daughter Alexandria with Iman, the New York Daily News reported. The 15-year-old Alexandria also gets the Catskill mountain retreat, where Bowie, Iman and Alexandria were often seen together.

The British rock legend has left $2m to his long-time personal assistant, Corinne Coco Schwab, and $1m to his son's nanny Marion Skene, who was also Bowie's friend, the report said.