Football Manager 2016
The main version of Football Manager 2016 will be released on PC and Mac in November. Sega

Sports Interactive has announced three versions of Football Manager to be released in 2015, as well as a slew of new features, including custom managers, a Fantasy Draft mode, Prozone integration for in-depth analysis and over 2000 new 3D match animations.

The main game - Football Manager 2016 - is heading to PC and Mac, Football Manager Touch will be released on PC, Mac and "high end tablets" and Football Manager mobile will head to mobile and tablets.

SI revealed that the desktop and tablet versions of FM Touch will have a cross-save feature meaning players can play the game on both platforms seamlessly. The Football Manager Twitter account released all the new information this afternoon (7 September).

Most of the announcements relate to the main version of the long-running sim, and also include improvements to the screen layouts for a large number of the game's screens, from the transfer centre to contract negotiations and players. Improvements have also been made to boardroom interactions and press conferences.

A Create A Club mode will let players replace an existing team with one of their own creation, and also include themselves or anyone else as a player. There are also improvements to the "depiction and treatment of injuries".

The Fantasy Draft mode will let players create their own clubs and take part in mini-leagues against friends. Whatever players create when they customise their manager will be represented on the touchline of all their matches, as will opposing players' avatars in multiplayer.

Football Manager 2016 will be released on 13 November. Release dates for Touch and Mobile have yet to be announced but are expected to be around Christmas.

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