Destiny Rise of Iron
Concept art for last year's Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion Bungie

Not a lot has been happening in the world of Bungie's online shooter Destiny since its sole expansion of 2016 was released in September. With a fully-fledged sequel expected later this year, things have been quiet, but the developer has now confirmed the first major update of 2017.

In the latest Weekly Update on Bungie's website, community manager David Dague confirmed the Crimson Days event, which has happened around Valentine's Day last year, will not be making a return.

"We have other plans," he explained. "We're dedicating our efforts to delivering different things for you to play... You haven't heard the last from the Live Team.

Their next content update is taking shape. We're super excited to tell you about it – but not so excited that we'll jump the gun. There will come a time when we'll take a seat on our streaming set to talk about how we'll spend the springtime together. That moment will come closer to the thaw."

His vague, poetic prose indicates that more information will be offered to fans during the last days of winter and the first of spring. This probably means March.

"It's rarely our policy to issue guarantees about things that are not yet certified for download," Dague continued. "Given the work that is being done behind the scenes, however, we feel like we can start to call the shot."

In February 2016 Activision confirmed, during an earnings call, that a "full game sequel" was then planned for release in 2017, but that's last time there was any official word from the publisher. It is believed that Destiny 2 was originally planned for a late 2016 launch, but was delayed.

During its first year on sale following a September 2014 release, Bungie released three expansions. In 2016 a single expansion – Rise of Iron – was released, after which we speculated what it might mean for the inevitable sequel.

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