Delta Airlines decided to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada with a special edition of their in-flight magazine and who better to grace the cover than one of the country's most famous hotties – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The PM is featured on the cover of Sky, straddling a backwards chair with a Canadian flag making up the backdrop. "Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been busy working to fulfill his campaign promises – and celebrating his country's 150th anniversary," the blurb of the magazine's July edition reads.

While many were surprised that the politician opted to grace Sky rather than a GQ or Esquire, others decided to focus on his pose instead, comparing him to the 'cool' substitute teacher you probably came across in school.

Some likened his stance to that of Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds, others commented on the 'manspreading', but most simply could not get enough of the good-looking prime minister.

"How did delta know the only way to get me to read it's in flight magazine is to show me a pic of Justin Trudeau sitting backwards on a chair," one Twitter user commented.

"Hold on, I thought SMOKIN' was not allowed on any Delta flights," another remarked.

Chair pose and spread legs aside, another eye-catching aspect of the photo was Trudeau's pop purple socks. The 45-year-old is already known for wearing some pretty funky ones in the past, and only recently gave a subtle shout out the Canadian-Muslim community by sporting a halal (yep, you read it right) rainbow striped pair with the words "Eid Mubarak" on them in Arabic, at Pride in Toronto on 25 June.

He previously wore a Star Wars pair for May the Fourth, a NATO-themed set for a leaders summit and ones with maple leaves for Live with Kelly and Ryan.