Dishonored 2 DLC
Arkane Studio's Dishonored 2 is getting a new expansion in September. Bethesda

In its E3 2017 press conference held during the early hours of Monday morning (12 June), Bethesda announced an expansion for Arkane Studio's stealth-action adventure Dishonored 2 called Death of the Outsider.

Described as a "standalone story", the expansion sees the return of character Billie Lurk from the 2016 sequel, as well as her mentor Daud, as they attempt to take down the mysterious 4,000-year-old black-eyed, god-like entity known as the Outsider.

The standalone adventure takes place after the sequel and will see Lurk "take on the greatest mission in the Dishonored series", and explore the seedy corners of Karnaca while on her mission.

The stunning trailer (embedded below) shows Lurk stealthily making her way through a building, taking out enemies and teleporting through walls to rescue Daud.

"With new powers, enemies, settings and more, Death of the Outsider is the perfect entry point for those new to the Dishonored series," Bethesda said in a press release.

"As a standalone adventure, no previous experience with any Dishonored games or DLC is necessary to jump in and experience the Empire of the Isles for the first time."

Billie Lurk will come with new powers and abilities as she takes on underground fight clubs, battles the Sisters of the Oracular Order, the immortal Envisioned, the Eyeless gang and new Clockwork Soldiers.

Death of the Outsider will include an Original Game Plus (OG+) mode allowing fans to play with a selection of signature abilities from Dishonored 2.

"With brutal combat systems, deadly weapons, powerful gadgets and intricately designed levels, Death of the Outsider delivers the ultimate assassination gameplay that's become a hallmark of the Dishonored series," Bethesda's statement added.

"And with Arkane's signature style, you'll be able pull off your assassinations however you like – quietly killing from the shadows or savagely eliminating foes out in the open."

Death of the Outsider will release both digitally and physically on 15 September for PS4, Xbox One and PC.