Apple's new iPad Air 2 has now been out through a bend test in a disturbing new video.

The video was posted by YouTube user Martin Macht, who tests the new tablet's integrity by bending it with his own hands. However, the bend turns into break, and the iPad Air 2's screen shatters, leaving it unusable. However, despite being far away from its original form, the YouTuber claims that the iPad Air 2 still works to an extent.

This development comes only weeks after several reports claimed that the new iPhone 6 was easy to bend under pressure.

Even though some experts said that the #bendgate controversy was an off-spring of hype and that Apple's new iPhones are strong enough for daily use, others disagreed.

One of the most notable videos testing the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus was the one from Lewis Hilsenteger, the man behind the popularYouTube Technology show, Unbox Therapy. Hilsenteger went on to test claims of the bendability of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in a series of videos, comparing the smartphone to several others in bend tests.

In one such video, Hilsenteger took his iPhone 6 Plus bend test out into the city of Toronto and proceeded to bend a brand new smartphone in full public view. This time, he managed to bend the smartphone even quicker, causing its display to peel off from the aluminium frame that held it.

In other related news, an iPhone 6 caught fire in a rickshaw accident and caused its owner first degree burns.