Doctor Strange
Sparks fly as Benedict Cumberbatch channels powerful Marvel sorcerer Dr Stephen Strange Marvel

Ahead of the release of the eagerly anticipated on-screen debut of Marvel character Doctor Strange, the studio has conjured up a series of concept-art images that give an insight into just how magical the film may turn out to be, visually speaking. Following on from Entertainment Weekly's exclusive cover that showcased lead Benedict Cumberbatch's look in the future film, these new images offer up more of the same psychedelic, colourful visual style.

Doctor Strange concept art
That is one serious collar... Marvel

A character who has not been adapted into the Marvel Cinematic Universe before, Doctor Strange tells the story of Dr Stephen Vincent Strange, a former neurosurgeon who loses his medical skills following a car crash.

He desperately seeks out a powerful mystic, called the Ancient One (played by Tilda Swinton in the upcoming movie), who teaches him how to access his psychic and magical powers in a bid to enable him to stop evil-doers, particularly her disgraced protégé Baron Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor).The film will be part of 'Phase 3' in the extensive line-up of future titles issued by Marvel, and is set for release in the US on 4 November 2016.

Compared with other films in the MCU as of late, Strange's look is certainly more theatrical and comes incredibly close to the feel of the stories in the comic books.

Doctor Strange concept art
More concept art

The recently released images also offer up a look at what will inevitably be Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum – his townhouse in the comics that was built was on the site of pagan sacrifices and arcane American Indian rituals, dating back to untold generations. The structure of the typically dark dwelling and the grounds beneath it have become a focal point for supernatural energies. It was this 'aura' that originally attracted Strange to the house during the beginning of his mystical career. The house, reputed by local residents to be haunted, is indeed magically 'alive'.

Doctor Strange concept art
Backdrop art for the movie

Fans of the stories will already know that the film will likely throw reference to The Orb of Agomotto, a powerful conduit kept in its own special room on the third floor.It is usually kept inside a display case with three curved legs. When summoned, the glass covering rises from its enchanted Cask of Concealment and the ball levitates, and seeing as there's plenty of orb-like objects in the picture above, it's safe to say it will feature.

The Orb can be used to teleport others or to travel into its creator Agamotto's personal realm. It is also capable of projecting a telepathic voice – different to everyone who hears it, yet with the same essential meaning.

Marvel's Kevin Feige has previously hinted that the film would introduce the mystical hero's famous Eye of Agamotto as the next Infinity Stone — likely the time stone, as Feige noted that Doctor Strange will "screw around with time".

Doctor Strange concept art

Throughout the character's comic-book origins, Strange has a meditation chamber within his home, which is likely the room above. The skylight is called the Window of the Worlds, and is decorated to look like the Seal of the Vishanti -- also known as the Anomaly Rue. Things won't all be all calm, however, especially if you look at the last piece of artwork below...

Doctor Strange concept art

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