Doctor Who
Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who David Venni

British actor Peter Capaldi has revealed that criticism still affects him even though he is infamous for playing hardened foul mouthed spin doctor Malcolm Tucker in The Thick Of It.

Speaking to LBC radio, Capaldi said he, like all new incarnations of Doctor Who, faced criticism over playing the well-loved time traveller and he has to try and steel himself from online abuse.

"The thing is, you have to remember, that somewhere, someone loves you. So even if everyone hated me, I knew somewhere out there I'd be someone's Doctor," said Capaldi.

"My feelings get hurt very easily. I am quite thin skinned."

Capaldi plays the 12<sup>th Doctor in the BBC's long running franchise Doctor Who and has previously revealed that he thought he was too old to play the well-loved character.

"I wouldn't have thought I would be the guy. I wouldn't have thought it would be me, because of my age. I would have thought they were automatically heading younger," he said in an interview to Entertainment Weekly.

"[However] I'm technically too young for the part, because he's over 2,000."