dragon age inquisition

In what promises to be one of the developer's most ambitious games to date, Bioware's Dragon Age Inquisition features a world that's many times bigger than those of Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II combined.

Inquisition's creative director, Mike Laidlaw, spoke about several aspects of the game in an interview with GamingBolt.

When asked about what has changed in Inquisition, Laidlaw said, "There are really two big things that have shifted. We're really trying to do 'best of' for the Dragon Age feeling, because we talked about this as making it the defining Dragon Age experience. That means pulling in the tactical camera from Origins which was only good on PC."

"Putting it on all five platforms, which was a fundamental decision from day one, and being able to retain our focus on that has really worked for Dragon Age which makes it kind of unique and stand out. Focusing on the party, party dynamics and interaction, both when you're engaging in dialogue and when you engage in combat. You've got four characters direct under control the way you go."

And talking about the new game's size, he said, "You can take the whole of Dragon Age: Origins and the level we are demonstrating today and it will fit, all of it. The game is a multi-regional open world, it's not like one big space. But if you travel you will come across places which are full of demons or may be a desert. They all have a distinct feel. So yes, if you can fit one game in one of the levels, we can fit of two of them with no problem in Inquisition."

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