A drone operator in Russia was surprised to learn that while shooting video of a 1,000 year old monastery, he had also captured some rather more blue scenes. Grigoriy Zlykh looked over his footage to see a couple had been secretly having sex in the monastery's bell tower as his drone had flown around it.

"That moment when you try to film beautiful shots, you come home and discover..." Zlykh wrote, according to Russia Today, thought that original video has now been removed. The monastery is located in Torzhok, a town in Tver Oblast in eastern Russia.

The church is part of the Borisoglebskiy Monastery, said RT, founded in 1038, though the tower in the video was built in 1804. The monastery was used as a high security prison for 50 years during the twentieth century before turning into a facility for recovering alcoholics.

The Abbot of the monastery, Arseniy, is quoted as saying that the act was "an insult to the sanctuary" and that they will consider contacting the police. "As if there is no better place for that," said the abbot.

The footage shows a couple enjoying each other's company at the top of the tower before another person enters and disturbs their very public, romantic encounter.