Dutch company E-Njoint has developed a smokeless and flameless electronic cannabis vaporizer in the shape of a real joint. E-Njoint created a "3 in 1 vaporizer" which, depending on the legality of cannabis in a country, can be filled with real dry cannabis leaves, cannabis oil or wax. When consumed, the vaporizer leaves very little smoke after exhaling and practically no smell, especially if the cartridge is filled with oil or wax.

The vaporizer heats up electronically to 187C, which is just enough heat to vaporize cannabis ingredients THC and CBD, but not enough to produce carcinogenic flames, tar or ash.

"Consuming cannabis in a vaporizer, in a real vaporizer, is that you are heating the cannabis up to the temperature that you are just vaporizing the THC and the CBD and the necessary components. You are avoiding combustion, no flames, there is no ash, there's no tar. After you use it you can clearly see that there is a change in the colour of the cannabis, it changes colour for sure but there is no black," E-Njoint Chief Executive Officer Menno Contant said.

The entire product is only legal in US states which have legalised cannabis, and not in the Netherlands, where cannabis oil and wax are considered hard drugs. Oregon, Washington state, Colorado and Alaska have legalised the drug, and the District of Columbia has voted to allow recreational-use marijuana but not retail shops. E-Njoint products are available online, but all cartridges come empty and it's up to each consumer to find a way to fill them themselves.