Giuliana Rancic
The E! News presenter is to undergo a double mastectomy Reuters

E! News presenter Giuliana Rancic has revealed that she intends to undergo a double mastectomy and immediate reconstruction after being diagnosed with breast cancer in October.

The 36-year-old presenter spoke openly for the first time about her decision and her personal battle with cancer during an interview on The Today Show.

The popular TV presenter plans to undergo the procedure after double lumpectomy to removed cancerous growths in both breasts as well as her lymph nodes in October failed to 'get all the cancer out'

Sitting supportively beside his wife during the interview, her husband Bill explained that they made the brave decision to undergo the double mastectomy as an extra precaution after doctors were unable to clear the margins.

Talking to The Today Show host Ann Curry he said: "We were left with the decision, do you go back and do another lumpectomy and try to clean it out or go forward with a more radical procedure?"

The couple revealed that after much deliberation and consultation with a team of experts, including top doctors and women who had had mastectomies they decided to go through with the operation which is due to take place next week.

One of the main factors that played a vital role in her final decision was her desire to have children. Without double mastectomy she would have had to undergo another lumpectomy, radiation and two to five years of anti-oestrogen therapy, which would have subsequently caused her to into early menopause.

Although she remains positive about her up and coming surgery, the news anchor admitted that she was also scared about the outcome of the procedure.

Giuliana confessed: "Am I scared? Yes. Scared of the unknown. Scared of the pain.

"But I'm not scared of what I'll be like. I'll have scars, but I like scars. Scars are beautiful because they tell a story.

"I'll be able to say that I survived something major and it's made me stronger. I will be a better woman for it,"she added.