Detroit Become Human
Quantic Dream reveals brand new footage of its upcoming sci-fi thriller Detroit: Become Human at Sony's E3 press conference, showing off a new playable character. Sony Interactive Entertainment

Quantic Dream has unveiled a brand new trailer for its upcoming sci-fi thriller Detroit: Become Human at Sony's E3 press conference. The four-minute glimpse of the PS4 exclusive showcases a new playable character named Connor, an android "assigned to police forces to help them investigate cases involving deviants".

The game, which was first announced at Sony's Paris Games Week conference in 2015, is set in near-future Detroit where humans and cyborgs live side by side where the latter are used to take on most human tasks as servants and tools. While the game focuses on Kara, an android who achieves consciousness and sets out to discover the true meaning of freedom, the new trailer focuses on a very different playable character.

According to Quantic Dream director David Cage, Connor is another android and one of several playable characters in the game.

"In this new trailer, Connor is confronted with a tense hostage situation involving a deviant android holding a little girl and threatening to jump from a rooftop," Cage wrote in a PlayStation blog post. "Depending on your decisions and strategy, Connor will succeed or fail in saving the girl; survive or die. Your actions will lead to different outcomes and will have consequences far beyond this scene."

According to Cage, players' actions, decisions and strategies will drive the story of the game, putting them "in charge of the fate of these characters".

"Detroit is based on concepts we created in our past games taken to another level," Cage said. "You will become a 'co-writer' who will have to make critical decisions that will impact the entire story and its world."

Cage notes that the intense footage shown in the trailer is actually the first scene in the game. He adds that every playable character will showcase the story from different perspectives and present a wide range of different possible, yet intense, outcomes based on a player's decisions.

"You will need to weigh each decision, as actions made by one character may have consequences on others," Cage said. "You will also need to avoid putting the characters at risk, because they can all die, and like in Heavy Rain, the story will continue without them."

"Detroit is about emotions, about dilemmas and making difficult decisions. Detroit is not just the story of androids becoming aware of themselves and their fight to be free, it is about a story that resonates at many levels in our world, about being free, about becoming who you are."

Detroit: Become Human will be released exclusively for the PS4. However, no release date has been revealed yet.