A Chilling Feeling Quantic Dream PS4 Teaser Website
The teaser image currently on the achillingfeeling.com. Quantic Dream


  • A Chilling Feeling website teases seven-day countdown
  • Tease could be related to Fahrenheit, aka Indigo Prophecy

Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls developer Quantic Dream appears to be teasing the announcement of its new project in one week's time.

Indigo Prophecy
The game's North American artwork. Sony

The website AChillingFeeling.com recently popped up leading to NeoGAF users speculating a connection to Quantic Dream's PlayStation 2 and Xbox game Fahrenheit, otherwise known as Indigo Prophecy.

Words scrawled on the website's background bare a similarity to those on Indigo Prophecy's cover art (right). That game's tag line was also "Guilt is a chilling feeling," which is the strongest indication of a long.

Quantic Dream had previously promised they would be announcing their next PlayStation exclusive in January.

Fahrenheit (rechristened Indigo Prophecy in North America) was an interactive, narrative-driven game similar to Quantic's follow-up titles Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. Released in 2005 it received good reviews, winning a handful of awards.

The studio and its creative lead David Cage have suffered from a case of diminishing returns, with 2013's Beyond in particular suffering from poor reviews despite its A-list cast led by Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe.

A return to the game that made them could be just what Quantic Dream need, but in the meantime we can only wait to see where this teasing countdown leads us.