EA Sports' annual Super Bowl simulation last week predicted a 28-24 victory for the New England Patriots over the Seattle Seahawks, and lo and behold that's exactly what happened during last night's real game.

Not only did they nail the result, but the simulation also predicted that the Patriots would come back from being 14-28 down as well. They did not however predict the hilarious final play.

EA's annual predictions are usually on the money, but never to this extent. After EA began running the simulation in 2004 (they correctly predicted a Patriots win then too) they have yielded the correct winner nine out of twelve times.

In 2004 and 2005 they predicted the Patriots' wins over the Carolina Panthers and Philadelphia Eagles, but incorrectly called them victors in 2008 when they went on to lose to the New York Giants.

Last year EA's simulation said the Denver Broncos would win a tight game against the Seattle Seahawks, but they were instead decimated by 43-8 in one of the most devastating Super Bowl defeats in recent memory.

Clearly voodoo magic is afoot; that or EA Sports have actually made a really good simulation of the sport. Yeah... voodoo.