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A TV film is being made about Dame Barbara Windsor's life Getty

Viewers grieved for the loss of Peggy Mitchell earlier this year after she passed away on EastEnders after first appearing on the soap in 1991. But fans of the soap may be in for a shock as Dame Barbara Windsor – who plays the character – fancies coming back.

Back in May, IBTimes UK reported on Peggy's death – when she took her own life with a fatal dose of unidentified pills following her terminal cancer diagnosis – and viewers believed they would be seeing the last of the Albert Square legend. Until now, that is...

Desperate to resume her role, Windsor said at Monday's TV Choice Awards: "I would love Peggy to come back on as a ghost — I'd definitely be up for it. I'd love that as I'd have been able to have had a rest for a little bit," The Sun reports.

"I'm going to have to talk to the producers so they can find a way of doing that. I'm still in touch with them all so it would be easy.

"When I went back for my last scenes I said: 'I'll get Grant back for you', and of course he came back, didn't he?" she added.

peggy mitchell
Peggy took an overdose of pills after learning she had terminal cancer BBC

And after being honoured for her outstanding contribution to television at the 20<sup>th annual TV Choice Awards, BBC bosses way well consider her ghostly proposal and she may make a sensational return – just in time for Halloween...

The TV Choice Awards saw the likes of Tom Hiddleston win Best Actor for his role in The Night Manager and Emmerdale pick up the gong for Best Soap – beating the likes of EastEnders, Coronation Street and Hollyoaks for the very first time. See the full winners list here.

Elsewhere in EastEnders, Denise is struggling to come to terms with being pregnant after a one-night stand with Phil Mitchell.

Denise's secret is out on EastEnders BBC

The unlikely pair shared a night of passion which she is now regretting. Denise finds it difficult to come to terms with the life change and has begun to shut out the people closest to her.

An episode next week sees Denise visiting a doctor for a check-up – only to be joined by Kim so that she does not have to deal with her pregnancy alone.

Denise's secret soon gets out as young, expecting couple Whitney Dean and Lee Carter also show up – as they're at the clinic for a baby scan. So viewers will have to sit back and let Denise's pregnancy news go round Walford like wildfire.

These scenes will air on EastEnders on Monday 12 September.