jane beale
Jane puts two and two together about Steven's supposed diagnosis BBC

EastEnders viewers are awaiting a character death sometime next week, and many suspect it may be Jane Beale after Thursday night's (31 August) events.

After Jane (Laurie Brett) made a disturbing discovery on yesterday's episode that could finally expose Steven's (Aaron Sidwell) cancer lies, fans of the BBC1 soap are worried that she may 'kick the bucket' next week as at least one character is expected to die.

Viewers have watched Steven deceive Ian (Adam Woodyatt) and Jane, who were left devastated after discovering that their stepson was diagnosed with a brain tumour with just months to live. They offered to give up their flat deposit to fund a trip to America for alternative treatment in a bid to save his life, not knowing that he had made the serious illness up.

Rather than thanking them for the support, Steven erupted in anger before showing her the fake scans that were taken from a dog. Jane later put two and two together after finding Steven's blister packet and a box of dog pills, realising that something wasn't adding up with his diagnosis.

Jane Beale's discovery worried viewers into thinking that she could be the next character to die, with one person tweeting: "I reckon Jane dies next week and Steven gets to keep his secret! #Eastenders".

Another said: "Jane is on the case, just hope Steven doesn't try to bump her off again #EastEnders".

jane beale
Steven traps Jane in a blaze after a fire breaks out at the restaurant BBC

At least one Albert Square resident will die and others will be injured at the Walford in Bloom event, which they will begin preparing for tonight. When Steven's lies about having brain cancer are finally exposed, he could be forced to take action to silence Jane forever.

We also know that Max Branning's (Jake Wood) nefarious scheme is set to unfold in forthcoming episodes, with the villain being heard telling Steven to "shut her up for good." A terrified Jane will be seen trapped in the restaurant without her wheelchair as the blaze gets out of control following a tense confrontation whereby she claims that Steven wants "revenge" – hinting at how poor Jane will die.

EastEnders continues at 8pm tonight (1 September) on BBC1.