Madrid Ebola sufferer
Teresa Romero Ramos is believed to be the first person to contract Ebola outside West Africa. Her health condition is still serious, but officials said no other cases have been reported Facebook

The spread of the Ebola virus in Spain "is under control", a government spokesperson has said.

Fernando Rodríguez Artalejo, a member of the scientific committee put in place by the Spanish government following an instance of Ebola in the country, stressed that no other case has been reported.

Teresa Romero Ramos, the nurse assistant who tested positive for the virus in Madrid and who is now in quarantine, is still in a serious condition. But Rodríguez confirmed that none of the people she had come into contact have shown symptoms of the disease.

"Right now there is no other person in Spain who is capable of transmitting the virus other than the patient," he said. "We are in a situation of total calm."

He also said Romero Ramos would be "definitively cured" of Ebola, that the virus was "no longer detected in her body", and that she was "clinically stable."

Rodríguez explained that health officials will be monitoring the staff attending Romero Ramos until 27 October, when the 21-day virus incubation period will end.

"We will be certain that the outbreak has concluded when none of the staff attending to Teresa show symptoms past that point," he said.

Romero Ramos, who is in quarantine with her husband Javier Limon Romero, assisted two missionaries who died from Ebola after returning to Spain from Sierra Leone in West Africa.

It is believed that she contracted the virus when she touched her face with the gloves she used to attend one of the two missionaries.

She was the first person believed to have contracted the virus outside west Africa, where the disease has killed more than 4,000 people since January 2014.

Ebola is spread via contact with infected bodily fluids. The World Health Organization has assured people that the deadly disease is not airborne, following recent speculation.