Scott Baio has been having a difficult couple of days in the social media sphere. The actor suffered severe criticism after suggesting his former Happy Days co-star, Erin Moran, died from a heroin overdose and that people who did drugs were certain to die. It now appears his remarks could embroil him in a physical altercation with the bereaved family.

The late actress' brother Tony Moran lashed out at the 56-year-old on Facebook and Twitter, and hinted that he would cause him bodily harm if the two ever crossed paths.

"#scottbaio. Get on your knees and pray I never run into you," Tony wrote after mocking the actor as having a "tiny" manhood.

He referred to the "very brief fling" his sister had with her Happy Days co-star and suggested she broke up with him due to a rather small-scale issues. "She told me you were more like a girl than a man," he posted online. "She told me you were tiny. Ya know. Barely a man in the man region."

Speaking on The Bernie & Sid Show on WABC Radio on 24 April, Baio said he was a little shocked by Moran's death but not completely surprised. "I feel bad because her whole life, she was troubled, could never find what made her happy and content. For me, you do drugs or drink, you're gonna die," he said.

His remarks happened to be made the same day the coroner's report was released, indicating that the Joanie Loves Chachi star suffered complications resulting from stage-4 skin cancer.

Baio attempted to defend his comments, explaining he was not aware the report was released and was still upset from the news of her death.