Exploding Kittens
The physical card game is now widely available for playing on your smartphones and tablets Google Play Store

Exploding Kittens, a strategic card game, is now available on Android. The game is the digital version of a physical card game, which has been immensely popular in the past making it the most-funded game ever to cross Kickstarter's funding goal line. The iOS app for the game was launched in January.

The game is more or less based on Russian Roulette and needs two to five players. Each player will need to keep drawing cards from a pile until they meet the Exploding Kitten. One will need to use the goat, laser beam and other cards to avoid the exploding kitten cards. As the name suggests, the card will be deadly for you as you will immediately be out of the game unless you have a defence card to protect you. The last one standing with no fear of an exploding kitten wins the game.

The mobile supports both local and online multiplayer mode where you can either join an existing match using a code given to you by a friend, or host a match by yourself. There are also new cards exclusive to the Android version.

Like many other popular games, this game does not come free but costs £1.69. Additionally, like most mobile games there are add-ons available for passionate gamers who like spending extra bucks on mobile games.

The game has been created by Matthew Inman from the The Oatmeal, Elan Lee from Xbox/ARGs and Shane Small who has been associated with Xbox and Marvel. To download the Android version click here.