Fallout 4
To win additional in-game bonuses, you would need to find companions Bethesda

In Fallout 4, currently live for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, gamers can choose to be a part of and play along with the all-important Brotherhood of Steel faction. For in-game players to join the faction, the process takes a bit of both stealth and brains to accomplish.

Journey to joining the Brotherhood of Steel starts when your in-game persona reaches the tenth level. The steps detailed below should give you an idea about joining the Brotherhood of Steel:

  • Step 1: Reach level 10
  • Step 2: Check out for an automatic radio transmission
  • Step 3: Check out for a new Call to Arms request popping up on your screen
  • Step 4: Give ears to the radio transmission in step 3, which should be a request for help emanating from the premises of the Cambridge Police Station
  • Step 5: Reach the Cambridge Police station at the earliest
  • Step 6: Battle multiple enemies and meet Paladin Danse (who falls into the category of Companions)
  • Step 7: Initiate a conversation with Paladin Danse, and loot maximum ammunition, weapons and money (if available) at the police station. You should get maximum fire power by collecting and integrating as much ammo as possible.
  • Step 8: Make your way to an isolated factory by collecting details from Paladin Danse. Here encounter institute synths.
  • Step 9: To get inside the factory, you would be required to open the door and get rid of the darkness by switching on power from the generators
  • Step 10: After step 9 is accomplished, battle synths, eliminate and talk to Paladin Danse again to obtain bonuses for completing this mission
  • Step 11: You can join the Brotherhood of Steel after Step 10. For more missions, check out the Cambridge Police Station again.

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As evident, companions play an important role in all your quests. So, it makes sense for you to initiate a relationship (romance) with companions to unlock additional in-game bonuses. Click here to find out eligible companions for a romance.

Fallout 4 is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC now