Feed the Beast
Feed The Beast premieres on AMC on Sunday at 10pm EST Ali Paige Goldstein/AMC

Feed The Beast, a new crime drama will premiere its first episode titled Pilot Light on Sunday (5 June) on AMC at 10pm EST. However, after the first episode, the show would air on its scheduled slot of Tuesdays. Adapted from the Danish series Bankerot by Clyde Philips of Dexter fame, Feed The Beast also marks the return of David Schwimmer to the small screen.

Click here to watch the premiere episode of Feed The Beast live online on the official website. The pilot episode will broadcast on AMC.

The upcoming AMC show follows the life of two friends Tommy Morgan played by Schwimmer and Dion Patras starring Jim Sturgess of Across The Universe.

Brought together by mutual conditions of adversary, loss, and an unfailing relationship with trouble, Morgan and Patras take one last shot at combating their personal struggles.

On the verge of losing everything, the duo work towards fulfilling their dream of opening a restaurant in their hometown of Bronx.

Watch the season 1 trailer below:

However, the noble idea is laced with dangers as a world of crime and mafias lurks over the lives of the two. While Patras' filthy habits make it difficult for him to pay off the debt he owes to the mob, Morgan has an even arduous journey in front of him.

Having wasted his life to wine after the death of his wife, the restaurant might be this single father's last chance at sorting the relationship with his young son TJ played by Elijah Jacob.

Read the official synopsis of Pilot Light here:

Feed The Beast trailer looked promising as well with glimpses of the two lead characters and their everlasting friendship. Pulled down by the weight of loss and failure, Morgan and Patras turn to each other as the last resort.

"This isn't about you, you self-absorbed j**k," Patras says to make Morgan do something – perhaps open the restaurant – to come out of his misery, "Wake up, this is about your son."

Will Morgan and Patras, who are as close as brothers, be able to help each other out of their misfortune? To know more, watch Feed The Beast premiere on AMC on Sunday.