EA Sports' Fifa 16 is currently available for gamers around the world owning Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3 consoles. The game comes with an all-new feature called the Fifa Ultimate Team (FUT) that lets gamers draft/select highly-rated and the best players available in the game, irrespective of nationality, and play with them on-board, using the FUT Draft feature. However, gamers sometimes tend to get wary of picking the best players as coins earned are required to be spent on picking up players for draft.

Following some tips, it is still possible to draft highly-rated players based on their individual stats without having to suffer a dent in the coin balance. A key point to follow is, check the strengths and rating based on individual skill-sets rather than coming to conclusions by considering the overall rating of the players. The value-for-money, but economical players eligible for drafting within FUT (via FUT Draft) in Fifa 16 include:

Maicon : Overall rating points – 76. Coins required for purchase- 750. Maicon's main strength is pace and the cost of procurement is comparatively lower than other players. Individually, Maicon has been accorded 93 rating points for pace, 74 for dribbling and 72 points for overall physical talent.

Felipe Caicedo: Overall rating points – 79. Coins required for purchase – 700. With investment being economical, Felipe Caicedo's physical agility should be noteworthy as this factor has got a whopping 84 rating points. Other key factors include strength and above-average pace.

James McCarthy: Overall rating points – 80. Coins required for purchase – 450. One of the most economical players available for drafting within the FUT, James MacCarthy has been assigned rating points of 78 with respect to defence. Tactics such as long-passes and marking have also been rated high, at more than 80 points. Stamina is rated at 91 points.

Filip Djordjevic: Overall rating points – 80. Coins required for purchase – 750. Key strengths of Filip Djordjevic include hard-hitting ability/ball-striking (rated at 79 points). Total strength is rated at 90 points and physical agility at 89 points.

Didier Drogba: Overall rating points – 81. Coins required for purchase- 900. One of the comparatively costlier players to bid for, investing on Drogba should seem a perfect choice as his penalty conversion, power shots, long shots and finishing abilities have been rated high. Key strengths of Drogba are his efficient ball control and dribbling abilities.

Loyalists of EA Sports Fifa can check out the overall list of top-rated in-game footballers (includes expensive players as well) here. For best practices to form the Fifa Ultimate Dream Team using the Fifa Ultimate Team Draft (FUT Draft) feature, click here.

[Source: WhatCulture]