Comedian John Oliver could not be more delighted with disgraced former Fifa vice president Trinidadian Jack Warner and his over-the-top video responses to Oliver's hilarious attacks.

After the Last Week Tonight host bought airtime on Trinidadian television to mock Warner, the man accused of taking a $10m (£6m) bribe to vote for South Africa to be the 2010 World Cup host, issued a bizarre, rambling response with "epic" music that nearly drowned out Warner's message.

Oliver so loved Warner's super-serious video response — with music — that he has upped the stakes ... with bursts of flame. Bring it on, he taunts Warner, apologising to Trinidad and Tobago for getting "caught in the crossfire."

"Mr. Warner, we meet again, old friend. It is I, the comedian fool," says Oliver in his last episode.

"To you, I say this, Jack: If you really want to continue to trade s** t-talking videos with increasingly high production elements, then consider your challenge accepted, my friend," said Oliver.

"You have magnificent music choices under your video, well played. I'll see your music choice and I raise you ... Fire!" Oliver challenges as spouts of fire rise from his studio desk.

"Your move, Jack. Either respond to me by this time next week with a more spectacular video than this or I will accept your graceless defeat," Oliver declares.

No word yet from Warner.