The Flash season 4 is currently filming and actor Candice Patton took to social media to tease fans with a behind-the-scene photo, featuring Keiynan Lonsdale aka Wally West/Kid Flash with a "sidekick."

Patton's, who plays Iris West, cryptic tweet hinted at Kid Flash taking over Barry Allen's place. Grant Gustin's speedster character walked into Speed Force in season 3 finale and will remain there in the opening episode of The Flash season 4. Many fan theories suggest that Wally West may step in as the new full-time Flash in the Scarlet Speedster's absence.

The image shows Lonsdale wearing red pants, which is very similar to Flash suit, and is carrying a small puppy. She captioned the image as, "The Kid was looking for a sidekick."

Some fans found Lonsdale holding the puppy cute, while others couldn't help but point out that Wally West is wearing a suit similar to what Barry's. A fan tweeted, "We gonna talk about how homeboy is wearing the flash suit. No longer a kid."

Another questioned, "Is he wearing the pants to the Flash suit? A user called him the "true Flash" and wrote on Twitter, "Wait. He's still being called Kid Flash? even though Barry is in the speedforce thus making him the true Flash."

However, Patton replied to the fan's comments and cleared the air saying that Kid Flash costume is yellow at the top and red pants at the bottom. She tweeted, "kid flash has always had red pants ppl..."

The Flash season 4 premiere episode is titled, The Flash Reborn, and according to the official synopsis, the Fastest Man Alive will continue to be trapped inside an extra-dimensional energy in the season opener episode. However, with unknown dangers lurking in the shadows, the Team Flash will do everything they can to free Barry from his own personal Hell.

Patton previously revealed that season 4 picks up six months after Barry's disappearance into the Speed Force. She said, "We do get to see a different version of Iris. She's a little harder, she's without the love of her life."

The Saturn Award-winning actress added that she will step into a new role in the Flash team. "She's kind of had to step into this role as the leader of the Flash team," the 29-year-old actress added.

The Flash returns with a new episodes on Tuesday 10 October at 8pm EST.