Incredible photographs showing Australia's weather changing over the course of the year have been released. Featuring a dust devil, a fallstreak hole and a fogbow, the images are part of the Bureau of Meteorology's (BoM's) 2016 Australian Weather Calendar.

The photos selected for the calendar were whittled down from over 800 entries. The cover image shows dark clouds over sand dunes near Mungo in New South Wales, captured by photographer Tony Middleton.

"I noticed the convection develop 50 kilometres north west of our location," he said. "Determined to catch it, I made my way through 30 kilometres of four-wheel-drive tracks, and scaled multiple sand dunes to this ridge line to arrive just in time as the storm hit, and proceeded to dump rain, thunder and lightning."

Vicki Middleton, deputy director of corporate services for the BoM, said: "This multi-award-winning calendar provides a platform for the Australian community to connect with their environment through the art of photography, while serving as an educational resource on our unique weather and climate."