fourth of july
4 July 2017: Fireworks explode over the National Mall, US Capitol and Washington Monument in Washington, DC Paul J Richards/AFP

Police in Clintonville, Wisconsin have said a four-year-old girl has died after an explosion caused by fireworks set by her father.

The Post-Cresent reported that the girl had been identified as Alyssa Chmielewski. Police said her father had placed a number of fireworks inside a metal tube and lit them, aiming to make a "fountain of sparks" on Monday, (10 July).

Clintonville Police Chief James Beggs said that there was not even time to take the girl from her home before she was dead.

Alyssa was hit by shrapnel from the metal tube in the neck, her 42-year-old father was also struck but was not injured.

"When you started doing things in your own way, and it's not the way the manufacturer designed it to be used, you're taking a big risk." Beggs was reported as saying by the paper.

An autopsy will be carried out on the girl, after which authorities will decide whether or not to pursue charges against her father. The US recently celebrated its independence day on the fourth of July, a evening of celebrations that traditionally involves large fireworks displays.